In the fight against people and property related crime, CCTV systems not only act as an effective deterrent but also provide evidence and surveillance should it be required.

At Procyon, we can identify, design and install the most appropriate CCTV system for your premises, from basic observation systems to integrated network systems with remote monitoring.

We can install aesthetically pleasing systems that complement the style of your property, as well as wireless options for listed buildings.

We offer a wide range of technologically advanced solutions from face and number plate recognition to infrared digital systems. We can connect your cameras to your computer network and provide remote monitoring services, allowing you to monitor your premises when you are not there .

We also specialise in the design and installation of control room equipment consoles, developed to suit your operational needs and in accordance with Health & Safety and Data Protection requirements.

Procyon provides a maintenance service for all CCTV systems, even if we were not responsible for the original installations; the Data Protection Act requires you to store your images correctly which is why ensuring your CCTV is serviced at regular intervals is important. It should be noted that if we service your system twice per year Рall cameras get cleaned twice per year.

To enquire about our CCTV design, installation and maintenance services, please contact us.