Other services


DisabledĀ  Refuge Systems

We are able to install and provide preventative maintenance on disabled refuge systems. Current Building Regulations stipulate that all new non domestic properties of more than one storey have refuge areas. Persons who are unable to evacuate the building without assistance go to these areas and use a fire telephone or refuge system to call for help.

Audio- Frequency Induction Loop Systems (AFILs)

Whatever the size of room or desk where an induction loop is required, we are able to install these. AFILs enable a person with a hearing aid to switch this to theĀ  T or M position and pick up the electromagnetic field generated by the induction loop system, making hearing far easier as the hearing aid converts the field into the most suitable sound for the user. Typical premises are Doctors surgeries, hospital waiting rooms or anywhere where one to one conversation is required and there is also background sounds.



We supply and install all types of mandatory, prohibition and safety signage for commercial and industrial uses. Signs can be custom made to suit your exact requirements for instance in braille or a foreign language.


Barriers provide a visual and physical deterrent against intruders entering your property. We install durable and reliable barriers that operate via an integrated access control system suitable for standalone entranceways or as part of a complex multi-sited security system

Fire Risk Assessments

By using our trusted partners, we are able to carry out comprehensive assessments in line with The Regulatory (Fire Safety) Reform Order 2005.

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